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Year 6

By the end of Year 6, most children should:


  • show their developing understanding of chronology by saying, reading and writing dates accurately;


  • show secure knowledge and understanding by being able to describe and explain the stories of events, people and places, within and across the periods of British, local and world history studied;


  • pick out connections, contrasts and trends over time within and across different periods;


  • understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources;


  • construct informed responses to questions about change, cause, similarity, difference and significance by selecting and organising relevant historical information from sources; and


  • be given the opportunity to learn about the achievements of one of the earliest civilizations, the Indus Valley, which links with their topic of India in Geography. They will also learn about a study, aspect or theme in British history that extends their chronological knowledge beyond 1066 with a specific focus on the Victorians.