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Year 6

Year 6 pupils will develop the skills and knowledge of cooking and nutrition by developing and cooking a seasonal recipe. They will explore mechanical and electrical systems by creating controllable vehicles and they will learn more about product design while designing and making a pair of slippers.


By the end of Year 6 most children should:


  • Carry out research using surveys, interviews, questionnaires and web based resources to inform design process

  • Make design decisions taking account of the available resources and constraints such as time and cost

  • Use annotated sketches, cross sectional drawings and exploded diagrams to communicate their ideas

  • Use ICT to develop and enhance design ideas, e.g. creating advertising for an enterprise project or using a spread sheet to calculate a profit margin

  • Use a wide range of materials and components and apply a range of finishing techniques with accuracy with a view to producing a product that is fit for purpose

  • Formulate step by step plans as a guide to making using techniques that involve a number of steps

  • Apply knowledge of electrical systems including motors into their design

  • Critically evaluate the quality of the design, manufacture and fitness for purpose of their products as they design and make

  • Create, plan and prepare savoury dishes safely and hygienically that are in line with the principles of healthy eating

  • Use a wide range of techniques such as chopping, slicing, grating, peeling, mixing and combining, kneading, rolling and baking

  • Understand that different food and drink contain different substances – nutrients, water and fibre – that are needed for health

  • Understand that the seasons may affect the food available