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Year 6

In Year 6 the following topics and skills are taught:


Welcome to the web  Children learn to use large sources of information, such as those found on the internet. They will use, skim read and take in information to be able to own it for themselves and interpret it with others. At times they will be critical of content and may be able to check for different viewpoints. They will also learn how to keep safe on the web.


Microsoft Office  Children learn how to use Word, Excel and Publisher programs and the range of tools that can be used to create work.


Powerpoint  Children learn to create a multimedia presentation using text, images, and sounds. They will be taught to create links between pages and show sensitivity to the needs of their audience.


iNetwork  The children explore how computer networks connect people in ways that allow them to work together and share information and resources. It includes investigating how the internet and internet search engines work by engaging the children in physical activities that model the connections and processes involved as well as by using networks to create webpages.


iApp  The children’s programming skills are extended by introducing them to mobile app development using MIT’s App Inventor: a blocks based programming language. It sets computing science learning in a context that is meaningful to the children’s digital lives. The children will learn the value and various uses of apps in modern culture and develop their own.


iProgram  Using the context of games development, the children explore computational creation by designing games and explore the concepts of conditionals and data, iteration and incremental development and systematic testing.