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Year 5

Year 5 pupils will develop the skills and knowledge of cooking and nutrition by creating recipes and baking bread. They will explore mechanical systems by creating a moving toy and they will learn more about product design while investigating shelters.


By the end of Year 5 most children should:


  • Carry out research to identify the needs, wants, preferences and values of particular individuals and groups and indicate how the design features of their products will appeal to intended users

  • Develop a design specification to guide their thinking

  • Record design ideas through detailed, annotated drawings and sketches

  • Use ICT to enable accurate design, e.g. calculating ratio of ingredients needed for recipes

  • Produce appropriate lists of tools, materials and components suitable for the task and explain their choices

  • Understand how mechanical systems such as cams, gears and pulleys create movement

  • Accurately measure, cut, assemble and join materials and components applying a range of finishing techniques

  • Evaluate their products and ideas against the original design specification, identifying strengths and areas for development

  • Consider the views of others, including intended users, to improve their work

  • Understand and apply the principles of a healthy diet and lifestyle

  • Create, plan and prepare dishes, choosing ingredients and equipment and using them safely and hygienically

  • Understand how food is processed into ingredients that can be eaten or used in cooking, e.g. grain is milled to produce flour