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Year 5

In Year 5 the following topics and skills are taught:


Designing using an object-based graphical package  Children learn to use an object-based graphics package to produce images and visual models. They learn the key differences between an object-based program and a paint package and understand that visual models can be used to identify patterns and relationships. 


Spreadsheets  Children learn to enter numbers, labels and simple formulae into a spreadsheet and to use the data to calculate totals.


Powerpoint  Children learn how to use Powerpoint and a range of tools to be able to make effective presentations.


iProgram  This unit of work returns to the visual programming language Scratch. Using the context of games development the children explore computational creation by designing games and explore the concepts of conditionals and data, iteration and incremental development.


iAlgorthim  The concept of algorithms being a set of instructions that can be followed to complete a task is reinforced. The unit extends iProgram where algorithms are used to write computer programs.


iWeb  The children explore how the world wide web allows people to connect, work together and share information and resources and develops a conceptual understanding of the web.