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Year 4

Year 4 pupils will develop the skills and knowledge of cooking and nutrition by designing and making their own pizza. They will explore electrical systems by creating a light up box and they will learn more about product design while creating a pop up storybook.


By the end of Year 4 most children should:


  • Gather information about the needs and wants of particular groups and use this information to develop design criteria

  • Generate realistic ideas, focusing on the needs of the user or function of the product

  • Record design ideas through annotated drawings and sketches

  • Use simple computer aided design software to enable accurate design, e.g. the nets for packaging

  • Use a wide range of materials and components and apply a range of finishing techniques with some accuracy

  • Choose tools, materials and components suitable for the task and explain their choices according to their function and aesthetics

  • Understand how simple electrical circuits and components can be used to create functional products

  • Be able to explain how well their finished product meets the design criteria and how well it meets the needs of the intended users

  • Understand the principles of a healthy diet and understand that, to be active and healthy, food is needed to provide energy for the body

  • Prepare savoury dishes safely and hygienically using a heat source

  • Use a wide range of techniques such as chopping, slicing, grating, peeling, mixing and combining, kneading, rolling and baking

  • Begin to develop an understanding of the process needed to grow, package and transport the ingredients needed for their recipes