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Year 4

In Year 4 the following topics and skills are taught:


Communicating via Learnpads  Children will learn how to use tablets to communicate with others in different locations. They will learn how to keep safe and how to use webcams.


Animation  Children learn about the different stages in animation; planning a storyboard, creating the characters and backgrounds, taking photo shots and then compiling them to create their own animations.


Branching databases  Collecting and presenting data- Children learn to use and create branching databases to sort and classify information. They will be introduced to 'yes/no' questions which separate a set of objects into two sub-sets. They are shown how to search and create branching databases. They also learn learn how to use a data handling package to create bar charts, pie charts and line graphs, and how to use this information to support an argument.


Developing Images  Children learn to use ICT tools appropriately and will select areas of an image to cut, copy and change. They learn to export their work to other packages and import images from sources such as clip art, scanner or digital camera.


iProgram  The children are introduced to visual programming language, which uses the context of art to engage the children in expressing themselves creatively. It also introduces the children to programming using a text based language. They will use their knowledge of both languages in different contexts (eg. Investigating angles and negotiating mazes). Programming concepts covered are algorithms, iteration(repetition/loops)and conditional statements(if).


iAlgorithm  The concept of algorithms being a set of instructions that can be followed to complete a task. The unit extends iProgram where algorithms are used to write computer programs.