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Year 3

In Year 3 the following topics and skills are taught:


Combining texts and graphics  Children learn how to communicate messages by using a combination of graphics and text. They also learn the importance of saving their work.


Recording and making sounds  Children will explore and develop musical ideas by using ICT and other methods. They will use simple music software, tape recorders and a keyboard to compose, collect and communicate their musical ideas. They will amend and modify their work to explore various musical and sound effects, and use ICT to create, organise and record sounds.


Databases  Children will learn to collect and store information involving more than two variables. They will use a database to answer simple questions by sorting and finding the top or bottom and searching in a single field. Children will be introduced to files, records and fields by exploring and comparing computer-based data and paper-based information. They will use a computer database, add to it, carry out simple searches and produce bar charts.


Simulations  Children begin to understand that computer simulations can represent real and imaginary situations. They learn how to explore simulations, explore options and to test their predictions. They evaluate simulations by comparing them with real situations and considering their usefulness.


iSafe  This unit develops the idea of keeping safe online, what personal information should be shared and how to act safely when responding to others online.


iConnect  Children explore the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web, develop their skills in online surfing, searching and learn to evaluate what they find.


iProgram  Using the context of games development children learn to creatively develop their own simple animations.