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Year 2

Year 2 pupils will develop the skills and knowledge of food and nutrition by investigating healthy snacks. They will explore mechanical systems by creating wind up toys and they will learn more about product design through designing and making a hand puppet.


By the end of Year 2 most children should:


  • Be able to design a product for a specific user or purpose

  • Use existing products to formulate ideas develop simple design criteria

  • Be able to explain how their product will work and whether it will be liked by intended users

  • Use ICT where appropriate to aid the design, e.g. a simple paint program to design a puppet

  • Shape and join a range of materials using simple techniques such as folding, rolling, cutting, gluing and sewing

  • Choose from a small range of equipment and use effectively and safely

  • Explore and make simple winding mechanisms and axles

  • Talk about their designs as they develop and identify good and bad points

  • Talk about changes they have made during the making process and begin to link to design criteria

  • Be able to name and sort foods into the five groups from The eatwell plate model

  • Prepare simple dishes without using a heat source using simple techniques such as chopping, slicing, grating, peeling, mixing and combining

  • Know that all food comes from plants and animals and that food has to be farmed, grown or caught