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Year 2

In Year 2 the following topics and skills are taught:


Creating pictures  Children learn how to use a computer graphics package to create a picture, select appropriate tools to match their purposes, develop an image and modify and correct work.


Word processing  Children learn how to use a word processor to produce sentences that communicate meaning, refine sentences by adding words and making corrections and to alter sentences in the light of comments.


Emailing  Children learn how to use e-mail (electronic mail) to send and receive messages. Children learn about communicating over distances and will need to consider and compare different methods of communication as well as the audience that they are writing for. Children learn how to keep themselves safe and what information they should give to others.


iSearch  Children learn how to use the internet to find out answers to questions, the importance of verifying the accuracy of information given on the internet and how to check multiples sources before answering questions.


iProgram  Children are introduced to a visual programming language : Scratch. They will learn how to execute a sequence of commands that results in an effect, move a sprite in one direction on screen using steps, and to program and test a simple program.


iAlgorithm  The concept of algorithms being a set of instructions that can be followed in order to complete a task is reinforced. The unit extends iProgram where algorithms are used to create, test and debug computer programs.