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Year 1

Year 1 pupils will develop the skills and knowledge of food and nutrition through creating their own fruit salad. They will explore mechanical systems by creating a moving picture and they will learn more about product design through their Homes topic.


By the end of Year 1 most children should:


  • Be able to design a product for a specific user, real or imaginary

  • Be able to explain how their product will work

  • Build structures using construction kits

  • Make simple 2D and 3D products

  • Use scissors and glue effectively and safely

  • Explore and make simple levers and sliders

  • Answer questions about existing products relating to their own designs

  • Make simple judgements about the success of their completed products

  • Be able to name some elements of a healthy diet e.g. eating 5 fruit or vegetables a day

  • Prepare simple dishes without using a heat source using simple techniques such as chopping, slicing and mixing

  • Understand that all fruit and vegetables are grown but not all in our country