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Staff List

Staff List                                  





Teaching Staff




Mr J Hills

Executive Headteacher & TAMAT CEO



Mrs E Ambrose

Head of School

Appraisal, RE & SIAMS


Mrs S Patey

Year 6 & Year 5/6 Leader



Mr R Cox Year 6 ICT  

Mrs Brabon

Year 5

KS2 Literacy


Miss G Taylor Year 5    

Mrs C Hall

Year 5



Ms S Guest

Year 4 & Year 3/4 Leader

Assessment, Curriculum, KS2 Science  


Miss A McLachlan Year 4 Geography  
Mrs F Messinger Year 4 Geography  
Mrs L Everett Year 3 PE  

Mrs C Hunter

Year 3



Mrs M Gibbs Year 3 History  
Mrs H Murphy Year 2 DT  

Mrs L Higgins

Year 2


Mrs D Caunce Year 2 & KS1 Leader KS1 Science & Maths  
Mrs J Tyson Year 2 Well-being  

Mrs S Bartlett

Year 1

PSHE, Healthy Schools and Lunchtimes


Mrs P Allison Year 1 KS1 Literacy & Library  
Miss R Poulton  Year 1 KS1 Literacy & Library  
Mrs S Gurden EYFS & EYFS Leader



Mrs L Hutchison

EYFS & EYFS Leader



Miss H Lomax




Mrs S Ross Release Time (Year 4 and 6)    



Mrs C Taylor

Special Needs, Inclusion and ICT


Admin Staff


Ms S Esperanca

Office Manager
Mrs K Brooks Administrator
Mrs N Patton Senior Administrator

Mr D Francis

Site Supervisor


Support Staff


Mrs S Arora Midday Supervisor
Miss E Bennett Learning Support Assistant

Mrs V Brammall

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Brannigan

Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Cohen Midday Supervisor
Miss M Crees Teaching Assistant
Miss M Daborn Midday Supervisor
Mrs N Davie Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Dawson

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Dimmock Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Durell

  Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Dovener

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs C Franklin Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Gibbs Midday Supervisor

Mrs N Gregory

Senior Midday Supervisor and Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Gosden Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Gumbrell


Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Harvey


Learning Support Assistant, IT Tech and Library Tech

Mrs L Hickey Learning Support Assistant
Mrs T Hutchinson Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Kampa Teaching Assistant 
Mrs M Kingshott Midday Supervisor
Mrs D Lawrence Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Lloyd Midday Supervisor
Mrs A Lowrie

Teaching Assistant, Midday Supervisor and RE Support

Miss R Newman Learning Support Assistant
Mrs M Nicoll Learning Support Assistant
Miss C O'Connor Learning Support Assistant
Mrs H Reed Learning Support Assistant
Mrs C Richardson Teaching Assistant
Miss K Samuel Learning Support Assistant
Mr M Saunders Teaching Assistant
Mr D Skipp Complete Coaching
Mrs Z Spinks Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Straver Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisor
Mrs J Talbot Midday Supervisor
Mrs H Walden Teaching Assistant
Mrs B Williams Learning Support Assistant 

Wraparound Care

Angie Best Manager
Louise Edwards Deputy Manager
Rebecca Newman