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School Meals


Pork sausages are NOT suitable for a beef-free diet and we are no longer able to offer quorn sausage as a fifth option on those days. 


At Holy Trinity CofE Primary School, we are pleased to be able to offer healthy daily choice menus. The meals are cooked to order and weekly menus are displayed at school and online.

We are one of the few schools in the area to offer an innovative and unique cook to order choice system. Children choose their meal each day and receive a different coloured wrist band depending on the choice made. To see a typical weekly menu, please click on one of the links below.

All children of infant age (Reception, Years 1 and 2) are eligible to a daily free school meal. Along with several schools in the Surrey Heath Learning Partnership, we expect all infant children to take up this opportunity, as we feel it is a good way for children to try new things together and ease the peer pressure and burden for parents who make the packed lunches!

There is always a healthy sandwich bag option (provided by Surrey Commercial Services), alongside the hot meal choices and, as we have found with the free fruit and vegetables scheme for infants, children will try new things which before they may have rejected. In addition, parents can be guaranteed that their child will be having a healthy meal.
There is always a wide choice and the kitchen will accommodate any allergies. If you have any concerns, please let the school know. Parents of children with allergies are asked to meet with the school cook to discuss menu choices and to create a plan.

Lower School children make their menu choices as they go into class - they move their name on a chart inside/outside the classroom to the colour of the meal they have chosen.

Upper School children can choose whether they would like a hot meal each day.  If they would like one, they make their school dinner choices in the Main Hall at 8.35 am, which they purchase with a token (see details on how to purchase tokens below). Alternatively, you can provide them with a packed lunch, which they will eat in Willow Hall.  Parents are asked not to include sweets, fizzy drinks and products containing nuts. We also ask Upper School children to bring in a snack of dried or fresh fruit, or raw vegetables, for morning break time.

The lunchtime service is provided by a working kitchen and all food is cooked on the premises. Lunchtime is supervised and children are encouraged to eat all their traditional main course before tucking in to a delicious pudding or cheese and biscuits. Fresh fruit and a salad bar is always available. Freshly baked bread, pastry, cookies and desserts are provided daily.

Our meal service is run by Surrey County Council Commercial Services and they continually strive to improve the diets of our children. It is closely monitored by the Governing Body who instigate changes as required and on a continual basis. Mechanically recovered meat and genetically modified ingredients are NOT used.   For further information on school meals, please visit

Please note that if, for any reason, your child in upper school has to go home after 10 am, they cannot obtain a refund for any dinner band bought that day as the meal would have already been prepared and the school will be charged for it.


If your child would like a hot meal, but will be late into school, please let the School Office know what they would like to eat before 9.00 am.

Please note that there will be no roast on any Thursday when we are not in School for the full week, i.e. a Bank Holiday week.

The cost of a school meal is £2.35 and tokens can be purchased online in the 'ParentMail' Shop.  Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept cash, or cheques.  To purchase dinner tokens online, log on to ParentMail PMX, click on 'payments', click on 'shop' in the right hand corner, select 'dinner tokens x 5', or 'dinner tokens x 10', depending on how many you want to order, and click 'pay now' to process the order.

School Lunch Tokens

This is how it works:

  • Pay online for lunch tokens in multiples of 5, or 10 (details on how to do this are above).
  • An adult then needs to collect and sign for the lunch tokens.
  • Give a token to your child each day they want a school lunch (menus are on the website and school noticeboard).
  • The child swaps their token for a school lunch band at the start of school in the Main Hall.

Very Important
Tokens are worth the value of a school meal, so they need to be treated like cash. For this reason, we prefer larger quantities of tokens to be collected by an adult, but they can be collected from the office by your child (at your own risk) any day from 8.30 am - 4.00 pm. 

SPECIAL MENUS - Please note the menus below are only for pupils with special dietary requirements.  If you do have special dietary needs, you MUST let the School Office know.

Pupil Premium (Free School Meals)  

Please follow the link below for details about claiming Pupil Premium