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RE & Collective Worship

Religious Education & Collective Worship


As a Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) school, the main focus of RE is the Christian faith that shapes the ethos and values of our school community. Holy Trinity CE Primary School follows the 2017-2022 Agreed Syllabus for Surrey schools which enables the pupils to pose questions and develop skills relevant to the world today whilst exploring the Christian faith more deeply.


Children today grow up in a multi-faith society and as such we are an inclusive school and we celebrate diversity. We believe that it is important to teach children to understand other world faiths and beliefs and to explore the similarities and differences alongside Christianity. Role-play, discussion, art, visits, visitors, Pause Days and close links with the local Holy Trinity Church enable children to learn about and learn from Christianity and other religions.


Daily worship takes place either as a school, key stage or class. This is always of an intrinsically Christian nature and is designed to be relevant, interesting and inspiring. We use prayer and reflection, songs and music, drama and stories to promote a sense of awe and wonder, giving the children opportunities to appreciate the spiritual dimension and to express themselves spiritually.


The Legal Requirement


Our school curriculum for RE meets the requirements of the 1988 Education Reform Act (ERA). The ERA stipulates that RE is compulsory for all children although parents retain the right to withdraw their child from RE classes and collective worship if they desire. However, this may only be done following written notice to the school governors.


The ERA also allows teachers to refuse to teach RE, but only after they have given due notice of their intention to the school governors. The RE curriculum forms an important part of our school’s citizenship and spiritual, moral, social and cultural teaching.