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Project One - Community Hub

Connecting Communities


‘Where no one is left behind and where well-being is our priority’


Our Vision  – To set up a Community Hub that is accessible for all.

During this pandemic our community has demonstrated that when we all work together, anything is possible and small acts of kindness can make a huge difference.  As a school community we have been inspired by this and want to create a safe and welcoming space, where young and old alike can join forces to achieve successful outcomes for all.

There is a greater need than ever to provide a resource for families where they can access support and signposting.  Raising children is not an easy job and new families need as much support as possible.  Many families are without nearby extended family to help, many families struggle financially due to the expensive area we live in and try to balance work alongside bringing up a family.  More so than ever during lockdown we appreciate the value of relationships.  Many elderly people are also without a support network but have so much to offer to our community and more people than ever (both adults and children) are experiencing difficulties with their mental health.


We believe that by creating a community hub which offers a calm and nurturing environment where the youngest and oldest in the community can come together, mutually beneficial outcomes for all can be reached. Youngsters without grandparents and young parents without role models can be supported to build and strengthen relationships and this space will offer the opportunity for people to come together and signpost one another to the right support.  But more than that we are passionate about meeting the needs of our community by offering services that you find difficult to access locally.  We are proposing services such as parenting support groups, baby sensory/yoga, coffee drop ins, toddler groups, gardening projects, rest and reflect sessions, SEND support groups, a sensory room, and a purpose-built kitchen where groups can be held to support families with healthy eating and where children can learn life skills.  The community hub would also be available for groups to hire in the evenings.  As part of this project we would like to hear from our wider community which services you believe would be best placed to support you.  We recognise that a healthy community is one where all residents have access to the services they require.  Our wish is for a community which is cohesive, safe, confident, prosperous and a happy place to live.  We want to work together to mobilise, guide and to facilitate solutions.


Our plan is to build a new Reception Building on our school grounds, allowing us to redesign our current Reception Building, transforming it into a multi-purpose ‘community hub.’ We will be able to make use of the large space at the front of our school in order to achieve this. It will have direct access to Benner Lane which enables us to make it secure and allows it to stand alone from the school during the day.


This building would also be used to house our wraparound care provision which runs before and after school. This purpose built and designed quality space will provide a nurturing environment to support the individual needs of all our pupils. Many of our children presently using this facility in our school hall, are very young and they require a facility that offers a 'home from home' feel.  This will enable them not only to be able to complete their homework in the correct environment, but will also provide a place for them to wind down after school and offer a space in which they are able to play, grow and thrive.  We recognise the need for us to be able to provide high quality childcare in the right environment, in a society where more and more parents are needing to use a before and after school provision.


We know that social interaction in all ages builds a healthier immune system and improves our moods. We would also like to incorporate a garden area with raised beds for volunteers to tend along with the children from our school and wraparound care provision.  We know that such environments foster healthy growth and prevent challenging behaviours in children and can improve our mental well-being.   


We would welcome your feedback in relation to our proposal and would like to hear from anyone who is able to support this exciting project.  We are confident that this will greatly benefit the local community as a whole.

If you think you’d like to be part of or make use of such a facility then please contact the school to register your interest and visit the Surrey Website to support this dream.