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Project Three - Community Sports Hall

Creating Opportunities to Build Relationships within a Healthy Community




“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.”


Our Vision  – To set up a Multi-purpose Community Sports Hall that helps to build relationships, fitness and mental well-being in our community.


Physical exercise is not only important for the body it is beneficial for the mind too. It not only helps us to stay fit and healthy it provides an opportunity for people to come together in teams or learning skills which builds relationship, community and can really help our well-being. The Governors at Holy Trinity Primary School (HTPS) are seeking your support to use this amazing opportunity from Surrey to make a long-lasting difference to the health and well-being of our community.


Multi-purpose Sports Hall - 4 Court (34.5 x 20) 1,5322,623m²   with changing rooms - £2,215,000


Holy Trinity Primary School is fortunate to have a lot of outdoor space which we enjoy, but the unpredictable British weather does put limits on its use. This facility would provide excellent additional sports facilities which presently our over timetabled school hall struggles to offer. It would also allow access for the community to useful indoor space and sport facilities all year round, throughout the day, into the evening and at weekends.


The sports hall would have storage space for equipment to be utilised by the school and for the community. It would also incorporate a meeting space which could be utilised as a base for local community clubs to use out of school time.


We believe this project will provide opportunities for bringing people together in a pleasant modern, purpose-built facility and enable the immediate and wider community to be able to participate in sport, exercise and group activity whilst building important community relationships.


If you think you’d like to make use of such a facility for sport and recreation or if you are part of a club which requires indoor space all year round then please contact the school to register your interest and visit the Surrey Website to support this dream.