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Shropshire 2017 Day 4

We had a fine evening of entertainment and merriment from the children's late night performances: poetry, stories,  singing, magic,  comedy and dance. The children looked fantastic in their Victorian costumes as they performed in the old manor house hall. It was lovely that all children got involved and it's been a real demonstration of the children looking out for one another and working together. 

The children have stripped their beds, hopefully packed the same clothes that they came with and we have just finished our final full English breakfast of the week.
This morning we're off to see the famous iron bridge and we'll also be creating our own tiles.
We will use the cascade system if we're running very late coming home  and we'll try to keep the website updated if we have power and connection!

We look forward to seeing you all later.


2.30pm and we've left Ironbridge. We've had a good morning making tiles and exploring the bridge. We'll try and update the website when we stop at the service station. 

4.25pm about to stop at Membury  service station on the M4. Children are in good spirits and surprisingly still full of energy... although some are sleeping. 

6.00pm slowly making our way through Bracknell. ... we may actually arrive early! ETA now 6.15pm!