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Shropshire 2017 Day 2

Following lots of sport then a night hike we returned to base to enjoy a story from Mr Lewzey... Jan Mark's 'Nothing To Be Afraid Of' never fails to amuse.


Although the children were very excited by being away they eventually all got to sleep and staff had a relatively uninterrupted night!


Room inspection is well under way... hopefully they'll continue this back at home. We'll have the full English breakfast shortly, then it's off to the Black Country Museum. 


Despite the continuous rain our spirits have remained high and we had a fantastic time exploring BCM. Highlights were going down the mine,  exploring the canal tunnels and experiencing what Victorian school was like.  Mr Gardner was made an example with the cane and Mrs Ross was disciplined for having nail varnish!


Dinner went down really well and then as the rain has stopped we've had an evening of sports and free time. 

Everyone is having a great time.