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Shropshire 2016 Day 3

Children slept very well and all had to be woken up from their deep slumber at 7am. It's a beautiful day,  the sun is shining and we have a great day ahead of us at Blists Hill followed by  Enginuity.


Blists Hill is always popular with other schools so we were lucky to be staying  near enough to enable us to be front of the queue! The children changed their modern day money into pennies,  farthings and shillings then travelled back in time to enjoy more first hand experiences of Victorian life. Walking around the Victorian village we popped in to see the various shops and crafts: blacksmith,  wood turner,  candle maker, printer, chemist, baker, post office and much much more. Some children managed their time and pocket money to even have a go on the fun fair whilst others slipped into the snug to enjoy singing around the piano. 


We're now back into the 21st century at Enginuity with children making buggies and staff making the most of good wifi to upload images to the website! The buggies show a lot of creativity and are tested for speed on the race track with us all watching and cheering!