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Fireworks 2017

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Fireworks event such a success this year. The weather was just right, the music from our DJs set the atmosphere, parents and West End friends served us well with burgers, hot dogs, candyfloss and refreshments not to mention the vast array of flashing goodies and as always the Firework Team made up of present and past dads and friends put on a spectacular display. Special thanks go to Nick Price who after 15 years of leading the team is stepping down but hopefully will be on call in future years. His skills in building the vast bonfire with vents and chimney so the bonfire fans into flames quickly then falls in on itself just in time for the main firework display is a science and art in itself. Thank you also to the small team of the HTSA who do all the preparation and who are there clearing up at the end. It was a wonderful community event and I'm sure raised some money too to support our school. Thank you.