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Empty Crisp Packets Recycled to Support Charity!

Back in October 2019, Grace - one of our Holy Trinity pupils - decided she was going to collect 40,000 empty crisp packets to be recycled into sellable items and the money raised would go to vital brain tumour research through a charity called Ellie’s Fund. She was inspired after  visiting her Nanny one evening, where she saw a flyer for the charity and thought she'd like to help. 

Grace spoke to the children at school in assembly about the project and after also letting the local community know of her venture through the village newsletter she set up two official donation points using the local pub and butchers. 

She decorated boxes for ‘collection points’ and every week since, she has collected, counted and flattened crisp packets showing great patience and commitment! 

Exceeding her target, she has now hit a whopping 41,153 which is around 80 kg!!! Which is amazing!

The support Grace has received from the local community and school has been incredible! Everyone has come together to help support her to be able to do this and the many boxes are now ready to be sent off for recycling. Thank you to everyone who has helped out, as this project has shown our values of service and compassion in action as well as supporting recycling.