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Building Children’s Self-esteem Seminar - Tuesday 7.00-8.30pm 17 Oct 2017

Following on from our 2016-17 seminar on ‘Raising Resilient Children’ we booked Anita Cleare from The Positive Parenting Project, to take us forward with this very important topic.


Linked to resilience is children’s self-esteem which we know is really important for children. Thinking and believing good things about yourself lies at the heart of self-belief and self-confidence. Children with low self-esteem are often reluctant to try new things and tend to give up easily in the face of challenge. Children’s self-esteem can be influenced by feeling valued, having their achievements recognised and hearing good things about themselves – but is it possible to praise children too much? And what can parents do in the face of persistent negative thinking?


The seminar examined the links between pessimism and self-esteem and the role of boundaries, goals and focused praise and attention in fostering good self-esteem. Together we discussed practical strategies for:


  • Encouraging a growth mindset
  • Prompting goal-setting
  • Valuing effort and achievement
  • Encouraging optimism
  • Challenging negative thinking
  • Helping children to express ideas and make decisions
  • Appreciating difference and uniqueness


This seminar was for anyone with children wanting to be proactive rather than waiting until there is a problem. Thought-provoking, with lots of opportunities for questions and discussions, this seminar was extremely well-received. Anita comes highly recommended (see website link):


Anita does not give out handouts from her slides but points people in the direction of her blog for advice on specific matters.


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