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At Holy Trinity C of E Primary School we aim to foster enjoyment of music, with children viewing themselves as confident performers and composers who can listen and respond thoughtfully.


We aim to provide opportunities for children to develop social and creative skills through a variety of music related experiences aimed at generating aesthetic responses, appreciation, understanding and enjoyment. We believe Music should be a stimulating, challenging and uplifting experience achievable at the level appropriate to each child.

The music education programme at Holy Trinity C of E School provides pupils with experience of:

  • composing;
  • performing – singing and playing;
  • listening and responding; and
  • appreciation and appraisal.


Throughout both key stages children will be given the opportunity to develop a working knowledge of musical elements and vocabulary that will enable them to fulfil their musical potential. These elements should include:

  • pitch;
  • duration / pace / tempo;
  • timbre (tone quality of sound);
  • texture (sound combinations);
  • dynamics (gradation of volume); and
  • structure (organisation of music).



The majority of music within the school timetable follows the Foundation and Key Stage1/2 Music Scheme by Ann Bryant, complemented by additional material, mostly from the BBC and the Surrey Arts, First Access to Percussion Instruments. This ensures continuity and progress throughout all the Key Stages.


Each child will participate in communal singing during weekly practices.  Opportunities for listening to and learning to appreciate music are provided during Worship as well as on a class basis.  Every child is encouraged to participate in Harvest Festival, Christmas Tree Service and school productions.  Provision is also made for recorder players and choir through extra-curricular activities and children are actively encouraged to participate in these clubs as well as the Proms at the end of the year.  Surrey Peripatetic Music Service currently provide specialists to teach a variety of orchestral instruments.  Whenever possible, the services of professional musicians are utilised in order to enhance the music curriculum.



We believe Music need not be approached in isolation.  The nature of the subject lends itself well to a cross-curricular approach.  Many aspects overlap with other subject areas e.g. Science, History and Geography – cultural development and particularly Dance in Physical Education.  Early Years Foundation Stage and both Key Stage 1 & 2 have the opportunity to listen to various composers during school Worship.