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Home School Agreement

At Holy Trinity, we respect and care for your child, encourage self-discipline and responsibility and work so that School is a place where your child:

  • feels safe
  • learns self-respect
  • learns to respect others
  • takes responsibility for their own actions and belongings
  • produces the best work possible
  • develops to his or her full potential both academically and socially in a caring, happy and stimulating environment.
We will:
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum for your child
  • monitor your child’s progress regularly and send you a written report annually
  • provide opportunities for you to discuss your child’s progress
  • share appropriate developments, approaches or initiatives in education with you including relevant and requested training events
  • provide extra-curricular enrichment
  • provide you with regular news of the activities of the H.T.S.A, of which you are automatically a member
  • keep parents informed about school activities through regular letters, news sheets and website and notices about special events
  • support parents pastorally, when requested
We ask you to:
  • ensure we have up to date information in case we need to contact you
  • support our policies on behaviour, uniform and homework
  • support the staff in their work for the benefit of your children
  • attend parent information evenings
  • ensure your child comes to school every day unless they are ill in which case please let us know
  • make sure that children arrive in time for registration at 8.55 am (gates open at 8.45 am)
  • praise children for good behaviour and work
  • keep us informed of anything at home that may affect their approach to school
  • read newsletters so that you can talk to them about what is going on
  • name all items of school clothing including P.E. kit and any personal other items of clothing bought into school
  • show consideration to our neighbours when parking near the school.
  • make contact if you are worried about anything concerning school before it becomes a problem.
  • treat school staff and other parents as you would expect to be treated.
We ask you not to:
  • take holidays in term time
  • bring dogs into the school grounds
  • smoke on the school premises or grounds
  • crowd the doors, corridors and footpaths at the beginning and end of the day
  • allow your child to play on school equipment
  • have your child’s ears pierced (except during the summer breakas this prohibits them from taking part in physical activities if the earrings cannot be removed.
  • Use social media to “air” any concerns but speak to the school directly.