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We believe everyone at Holy Trinity C of E Primary School has the right to:


  • feel safe
  • to learn
  • to be treated with dignity and respect.


To access these rights we expect children, parents, governors and staff to take on the responsibilities which go with them and follow our school rules.


Our happy, learning atmosphere is very much based on making the right choices. We have a supportive school with a caring ethos and we promote good behaviour by positive reinforcement and a clear behaviour policy which is consistently applied.  


Holy Trinity C of E Primary School recognises that within a climate of inclusion there will be children who need a personalised approach to their specific behaviour needs.  In some cases this will mean that the school’s sanctions, stages and rewards are not the most appropriate means of dealing with their behaviour and other programmes of intervention and support may be used.


Our Behaviour Policy ensures the right conditions to instil our school values and to meet our school aims. It highlights the appropriate behaviour expected, how we may maintain this atmosphere and how we deal with those making the wrong choices.


Our school values are based on solid Christian foundations and the teachings of Jesus. They help to embed a sense of ‘doing the right thing’ and there are many different rewards such as: house points, certificates, stickers, responsibility, etc… which are given to reinforce good behaviour.


If a behaviour issue does arise we deal with it swiftly in partnership with parents. If any children are found to be bullying others this is dealt with positively but firmly in accordance with our Behaviour Policy.



Follow Covid-19 internal link or Safety link to find more information about the implications of Covid-19 and relevant additional policies to support behaviour during Covid-19: 


E.G.        HTP Behaviour Policy 2020 Covid 19 Addendum and Safeguarding