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Year 4

Year 4


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit pupils should be able to:

How did it all begin?

Describe similarities and differences between different creation stories

Express their own views about creation and how these views might impact on their life

Describe similarities and differences in beliefs about creation within and between religions

Who brought Christianity to Britain?

Retell stories about the key people who brought Christianity to Britain

Describe some aspects of the Celtic beliefs and practices and their impacts

Identify the impact of their Christian beliefs on the lives of the saints

Describe how the introduction of Christianity into Britain impacted the lives of individuals and communities

How can artists help us understand Christmas?

Identify what symbols mean in relation to the story and Christmas celebrations

Describe and suggest meanings for the symbols used, investigating and connecting them with Christian belief

Describe similarities and differences between in the way belief is conveyed through symbol in the art studied

Why do Christians make promises in marriage?

Give simple reasons why people make promises or get married

Show understanding of the key rites and symbols within a marriage ceremony

Investigate some Christian stories and connect them to teaching about love, forgiveness and reconciliation

Identify why the different parts of a marriage service are important

Describe some ways in which Christians put the teaching of Jesus on love into action

Comment on connections between different elements of a wedding ceremony and the beliefs that underlie them

Compare the Christian marriage ceremony with that of another religious tradition

Who is Jesus?

Retell stories about the life of Jesus that show who he was

Identify possible meanings for symbols

Describe meanings for the phrases Jesus used to describe himself

Make links between stories from Jesus’ life and what Christians believe about Jesus

Gather, select and organise ideas about Jesus using a range of sources e.g. art, story, history

Suggest answers to the question ‘Who is Jesus’? using information selected

How do Christians prepare for Easter?

Retell the story of Jesus in the desert

Identify how Christians mark the period of Lent

Make links between the story of Jesus in the desert and Lent

Identify the things that might most impact a Christian’s life during Lent

Describe the impact that Lent has on Christians and how it helps them to prepare for Easter

Who are the Jews?

Identify possible meanings for Jewish symbols

Suggest ways in which Jews worship in a synagogue

Make links between the key features of the synagogue and what they represent

Ask significant questions about Judaism e.g. why is the Shema so important to Jews?

Describe how the writings and traditions of their religion affect Jewish believers

Explore the key features and symbols in a synagogue and describe the beliefs connected with them

Describe the key beliefs and teachings of Judaism, linking them to how they affect the lives of Jews

What does it mean to be a Jew?

Identify how Jews celebrate special days

Identify possible meanings for symbols or religious expression

Link customs of Jewish celebrations with stories or Jewish belief

Make links between Jewish artefacts, Jewish belief and Jewish ways of life

Describe some of the practices associated with the ‘milestones’ of a Jew’s life and explain any symbolism

Explain, using accurate vocabulary, how Jewish practices or celebrations express ideas, beliefs and feelings

Describe how belonging to Judaism affects family life