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Year 2

Year 2


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit pupils should be able to:

What does it mean to belong?

Recall facts about faith communities

Identify artefacts belonging to different faith communities

Explain something that children would learn from their faith community

Explain what happens during a welcoming ceremony and why

Identify similarities and differences in the way that people from different faith communities might dress

Compare ways in which different religious communities express the idea of belonging

What is prayer?

Use some religious words (e.g. prayer, God) when talking

Begin to show awareness of similarities and differences in the way people pray

Suggest meanings for religious language and expression

Explain why someone might pray

Talk about why prayer might make a difference to someone’s life

What signs are there in the Christmas story?

Identify places in the Christmas story where signs appear

Talk about what he signs mean in relation to the story and Christmas celebrations

Identify what Christians believe about the signs associated with Christmas

What happens in a church?

Recall some of the different things that happen in churches

Identify Sunday as the special holy day for Christians

Talk about what Christians believe

Suggest ways in which Christians worship e.g. praying, singing

Make links between how Christians worship and the beliefs they are expressing

Compare how Christians worship with other ‘special days’ across the faiths they have studied

How do Christians follow Jesus?

Recall the two great commandments

Talk about how Jesus showed care for others

Identify ways Christians try to follow Jesus’ example as they ‘love God’ and ‘love others’

Ask questions about their own and others’ feelings and experiences

Identify specific links between Christian behaviour and Christian belief

Why is Easter important to Christians?

Recall aspects of the main events of the Easter story

Retell the main events of the Easter story in correct sequence

Compare the sadness of Good Friday with the joy of Easter Sunday

Explain why Easter is important for Christians

Link Christian beliefs about Easter with the events of the story