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Personal Social Health Citizenship Education


At Holy Trinity School, Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) - sometimes also called PSHE if citizenship is taught discretely - is linked closely to our school values and the principles of Unicef’s Rights and Respecting Award that the school is currently working towards. We are a caring and nurturing school and PSHCE is central to every aspect of daily life and the ethos of our school.


PSHCE is taught as a discrete subject and through other areas of the curriculum too such as Geography, P.E. and R.E. PSHCE helps children to develop an awareness of themselves, other people and the environment. Through a range of different activities including drama, circle time and stories, the children explore social and emotional aspects of learning as well as develop understanding of drug awareness, road safety, recycling and the emergency services. This is underpinned by a whole school ethos to build on Rights, Respect and Responsibilities.


Sex Education is taught in Year 4 and 6 in an appropriate and sensitive manner. We aim to prepare pupils for adult life and to encourage them to have due regard to moral considerations and the value of marriage and family life. According to their level of maturity, they are led gently to a deeper understanding of the issues involved in this subject. We hope that our teaching is complementary and supportive to the roles of parents. Teaching is carried out within a clear Christian moral framework, in which pupils are encouraged to consider the importance of dignity, respect and responsibility for themselves and others. Parents will be informed in advance when sex education is to be taught and can withdraw their child if they so wish.

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PSHCE is continually promoted at Holy Trinity through Circle Time, whole school assemblies, our Red Cap buddy system and friendship benches. School staff model positive attitudes, behaviour and relationships, reflecting our values and providing positive role models for the children. Our School Council and Eco Warriors provide a pupil voice for actively making a positive difference for the future of our school. 

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We are committed to the health and well-being of all pupils and we encourage parents to be partners in this initiative. Children are encouraged to walk to school, drink water and eat healthily. The school has been awarded the Healthy Schools Award and all children in Key Stage 1 now take part in the free school meals initiative. Free fruit and vegetables are also provided for all children in lower school.


In addition, our PSHCE curriculum is enhanced further through many exciting opportunities and whole school activities throughout the year. As a school we participate annually in Anti-bullying week, charity events such as Children in Need and Comic Relief, Unicef’s Day for Change and their Outright programme. Our annual School Sports Days encourage our children to support and encourage one another whilst fostering a love of sport and healthy lifestyles. We support our local community through Harvest Festival and often have guest speakers such as our local vicar come to visit.

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Rights Respecting School Award


UNICEF has recognised that Holy Trinity is committed to placing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of our ethos and the school is currently working towards achieving Level 1 of the Rights Respecting School Award.


The Rights Respecting Award complements our PSHCE curriculum and School Values very well. As a school, we are recognising and valuing the rights of every child, as set out in the UN Convention, while teaching our children about the responsibilities they have to themselves and others if the articles in the convention are to be achieved.


If you would like to know more about the Rights Respecting School Award or the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, please visit the following website:

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